Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the top global destinations for medical tourism.

Costa Rica offers 70% savings as compared to U.S. costs for quality dental and cosmetic surgery services.

In 2009, tourists seeking for medical treatment in Costa Rica spent US$250 million.

In 2010, Costa Rica received 40,000 tourists seeking cosmetic surgery, of which 60% received a dental procedure.

The close proximity of Costa Rica to the United States makes it an ideal destination for medical tourists.

Many health tourists combine their treatment with an excellent eco-tourism vacation that is conducive for recovery and relaxation.

Costa Rica has over 20 medical centers with western-standard facilities accredited by the industry standard Joint Commission International.

Costa Rica offers an abundance of cutting edge cosmetic surgeons with U.S. medical accreditation.

As required by law, cosmetic surgeons in Costa Rica carry liability insurance at all times, giving patients protection and coverage from malpractice.

English is spoken among an estimated 80% of cosmetic surgeons in Costa Rica.